Apple's newly-released iPhone 6S boasts improved specifications such as faster processor, improved cameras and a force-sensitive touchscreen. However, the latest iPhone model is not water resistant, according to a test.

In the video, the iPhone 6s was submerged in a vase of water for five minutes. The smartphone still worked but it could be noticed that there were air bubbles on the screen due to prolonged exposure to water. It was dipped again on water and the screen showed that water is starting fill inside the device. After the test, the iPhones 6S continued to function for 10 minutes but the screen eventually faded blank and stopped operating.

Even if the iPhone 6S failed the test, it was still more durable compared to iPhone 5. The latter device was put to a similar test but it only lasted for 10 seconds before succumbing to water.

Furthermore, before the release of iPhone 6s, Apple did not release any statements claiming that their latest device is water resistant.