Chrissy Teigen, model and wife to R&B singer John Legend, is one of the most confrontational women in Hollywood and has no qualms about scrutinizing questionable people or subjects. In the past, Teigen has not only been attacked by Instagram and Twitter users who disagree with her sentiments, but she's received death threats for her strongly opinionated social media presence.

In her latest encounter, Teigen challenges Donald Trump, calling the republican presidential front runner a "tw-t" and explaining why she pities his wife, Milania Trump. The exchange, which occurred over the weekend, was following a tweet from Trump who wanted his social media followers to know that his recent meeting with a group of African-American pastors, was not "a press event," to which Teigen replied...

As per usual, Trump didn't let Teigen's comment slip through the figurative cracks and proceeded to respond by retweeting another user of equal and potentially greater ignorance.

Teigen proceeded to then to take a few more digs out of what appears to be, sheer amusement.

And in a final stroke of Twitter genius, the Sports Illustrated cover girl flips the script on users coming to Trump and Milania's defense.

In celebration of Chrissy Teigen and a belated nod to her 30th birthday, we've rounded up some of her most candid and uncensored moments.

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