Dina Manzo will not be appearing on the upcoming seventh season of The Real Housewives of New Jersey.

Dina Manzo's Millionaire Boyfriend's Identity Has Been Revealed

Although many fans expected her return to the show for season six would be permanent, her situation has recently changed, as she's moved in with her 35-year-old millionaire boyfriend, David Cantin.

“Dina is in California with her man,” a source close to the couple told Radar Online. “She’s not moving back to New Jersey.”

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After spending the summer in a Malibu rental, the couple moved to a home in Beverly Hills. And their Beverly Hills house isn't their only pricey pad. According to the source, Manzo and Cantin also have a spot in New York City.

“Dina flies back and forth to NYC,” the source said. “And the boyfriend pays for her daughter Lexi’s apartment in the city. She has no interest in Housewives, especially with her new situation with her new man. She films videos from home for fun, and he just pays for everything. She’s living the high life!”

As for her divorce and former home with ex-husband Tommy, the source explained, “Tommy owns that house and she isn’t getting it in the divorce. They had a pre-nup, so she had to walk away with nothing.”

“David is a millionaire,” the source added. “She’s not working, and he is paying all of her bills.”