Inspiring Videos: A Family Holiday Photo Session With A Twist Of Surprise From This Soldier

Joining the military is never an easy thing. When one decides to enlist, it also means the possibility of missing significant moments with family—birthdays, weddings, funerals and, most especially, the holidays.

Things can be really tough when serving the country. That's why when soldiers come home in time for the special occasions, it is a true treasure.

That's why so many come home surprising their love ones, just suddenly appearing in the gatherings.

We have seen a lot of surprise videos of coming home from the service, but this one soldier had his family and wife in complete shock when he suddenly showed up during their family holiday photo session.

What was more surprising was that it happened right in his wife's studio.

While all of them were busy smiling in front of the camera, he slides into the background and right beside his wife.

When his wife finally sees him, tears wouldn't stop flowing to express her joy.

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