Giuliana Rancic has been making headlines for her small frame for the last several years, and although she is no longer hosting E! News, the topic has come up yet again.

Giuliana Rancic Slammed On Instagram For Being Too Thin

During a new interview, which also included her husband, Bill discussing their plans for a second child, the Fashion Police host addressed the ongoing criticism over her weight, as well as her decision to speak out about the harsh comments she often receives.

“I kept hearing it and seeing it. I would do an awards show and look at my social media and so many comments were about my weight rather than the actual show itself," she recalled to CBS News. "When I realized it was starting to cross into my work and started to be distracting from my work I realized, you know what, I have nothing to hide."

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"I’ve talked about infertility and breast cancer and that was something I had to address," Rancic said of her thin frame. "I hoped that people would hear the reason and move on and when I was on the red carpet they wouldn’t just be thinking about my weight the whole time and focus on my interviews with celebrities instead."

As for baby number two, Bill said he was hopefull that he and Rancic would soon welcome a new baby.

“I think at this point we’re looking at all our options we’re going down a couple of different paths," he said. "Hopefully we can get a brother or sister for Duke in the coming year."