Has Jon Hamm gotten back together again with one of his old flames? That's what the new rumor seems to be as apparently the Mad Men star is rekindling his relationship with Jennifer Westfeldt. The couple broke up this past summer after being with each other for over 18 years.

Jon Hamm News 2015: Is Ben Affleck Using The Actor To Help Him Hook Up With Women?  

According to Bustle on Saturday, even though there were rumors that Hamm was quietly hooking up with his former co-star January Jones, he's been also spending a lot of time with the Hollywood producer and screenwriter, who supposedly broke things off because she was hoping to finally start a family with the handsome actor.

Both Hamm and Westfeldt were apparently spotted "hand in hand" during a tribute to their late friend, Mike Nichols back in November 2015. There were even reports speculating then that the couple had gotten back together again, but wanted to keep that fact private for themselves.

Mad Men: Jon Hamm And January Jones Rumored To Be Dating  

Michelle McGahan of the site wrote, "While the jury is still out on the nature of Hamm and Westfeldt's relationship, it's inevitable that fans will be on the lookout for any (and every) clue that could mean they are getting back together. We can only hope, right?"

As far as his relationship with Jones, the tabloid media has long speculated that they have been having an affair together, although it's never been proven to be true.

So far Hamm himself has not made any comments about the rumors. Keep up with Enstars for all the latest news on all of your favorite celebrities right here.