The night just started and Ricky Gervais already knew how to make jaws drop at the Golden Globe Awards.

Chatter On The 2016 Golden Globe Nominations

The host graced the stage with the audience clapping and cheering him on when instead of saying thanks, he told them to shut up. Clearly, he was just kidding, but his obnoxious jokes didn't stop there.

In his opening monologue for the night, he mentioned how much he's changed...but not as much as Bruce Jenner who is now known as Caitlyn. Adding more to the transgender star's journey, Gervais mentioned that Caitlyn has done a lot for the world although she didn't do much for female drivers.

When To View The 2016 Golden Globe Awards

Caitlyn Jenner went through a frightening scandal when she got into a horrible car accident and one of the other drivers got killed.

Gervais continued with his controversial and potentially offensive statements when he took a sip of his beer from the podium and said, "I want to do this monologue and then go into hiding. Not even Sean Penn will find me. Snitch."

Only time will tell on how much backlash or praise Gervais will receive when he returns to the stage.