Jamie Dornan, Amelia Warner News 2016: Couple’s Love Life A Far Cry From ’50 Shades Of Grey?’ [VIDEO]

Jamie Dornan might play sex addict Christian Grey on the big screen, but it looks like his personal life looks nothing like his character. In fact, a new report suggests the Irish actor and his wife Amelia Warner's love life is a far cry that what viewers saw on Fifty Shades of Grey; Dornan's hobbies and downtime is anything but sexy.

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According to Celebrity Dirty Laundry on Monday, Dornan actually enjoys needlepoint whenever he's not working, leading to the speculation that the Hollywood hunk only likes to play a sex addict on film and that his marriage is as normal and boring as can be.

One of Dornan's staff members dished, "Jamie is as obsessed with needlepoint as Christian is with sex. While Mr. Grey guards his privacy with an entourage and nearly every security measure known to man, Jamie isn't afraid to continue creating one of his canvases on a plane full of people. The hobby relaxes Jamie--and apparently doesn't care who knows it!"

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The insider also added, "There's a chance that Jamie and Amelia enjoy a quiet evening in front of a fire with glass of wine--with a little needlepoint!"

The couple has been married since 2013 and are the proud parents of their 2-year-old daughter, Dulcie. There have been reports indicated that Warner is pregnant with their second child, but so far Dornan has not confirmed nor has he made any comments about the pregnancy rumors.

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