After battling with throat cancer, Rene Angelil, manager and the husband of worldwide singing sensation Celine Dion, died last Thursday, Jan. 14 at the age of 73.

According to reports, Angelil died at their home in Henderson while under the care of a physician, the Clark County Office of the Coroner confirms in a statement. "We have determined Mr. Angélil's death was due to natural causes," John Fudenberg, Clark County coroner, said. "No further investigation into his death is expected."

Celine Dion Cancels Tour To Spend Time With Sick Husband

Angélil was first diagnosed with throat cancer in 1999. In 2014, Dion took an indefinite leave of absence from her Las Vegas residency to care for Angélil. According to Entertainment Tonight, he underwent surgery to remove a cancerous tumor from his throat in December 2013 -- after his second cancer diagnosis.

"It's not hard to take time off," the legendary singer reveals with ET. "It's not hard to be with him, obviously. It's not hard to be with the family and the kids. It's hard because life imposes things on you." After putting some time off, Dion then decided to go back on stage at the Caesar’s Palace in Las Vegas, in large part because of Angélil's urging.

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"We don't know what the future holds," Dion shared, adding that Rene told her to be "back, strong, [to] do it, still share your passion. He's been there for me all my life, and I've been there for him all my life," she continued. "There's a part of me that never really left the stage. I wanted to be there but I needed to be someplace else which was much more important at that time. To be by his side. To be by my family."

According to Entertainment Tonight, last month was a special time for couple’s Celine and Angelil for they both celebrated their 21st wedding anniversary, while the singer posted a memorable sweet throwback snap of the two holding hands on their wedding day.

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