Giuliana Rancic is once again facing backlash over her thin frame.

Is Giuliana Rancic On The 'Chopping Block' With 'Fashion Police?'

After attending a Golden Globes event last Sunday, Rancic was accused of being "skeletal."

"Giuliana Rancic was thin enough that she caused panic as she appeared during the Golden Globes 2016 event last Sunday," Health Aim reported on Friday. "With her red dress showing off her ribs, netizens were quick to notice her weight and that it is not a good publicity for normal weight."

Giuliana Rancic Is Re-Addressing Her Weight As She & Bill Prepare For A Second Child

As for plans for a second child, who would join older brother Duke, 3, Rancic recently spoke out.

“We would love to have another child,” she told People Magazine in Oct. 2015. “It’s always a conversation we have and it’s something we definitely would love to do. If God blesses us with a child, it’d be incredible.”

However, as she revealed, “There’s really nothing in the works right now to be quite honest."

“I always want to make sure I’m super present with Duke—he’s always my priority because he’s my son and we fought really hard for him, obviously,” Giuliana explains. “We were so lucky to have Duke and he keeps us really busy. He’s great and thriving and an amazing little boy, but we would love to expand our family. We always wanted to and that dream is definitely still alive.”