'Agents Of SHIELD' Season 3: Lincoln's Past Is Darker Than You Think, EP & Luke Mitchell Tease Reveal [VIDEO]


If you thought Agents of SHIELD was done digging into Lincoln's past, you were wrong.

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Sparkplug's (Luke Mitchell) time on the lam was undeniably difficult for the Inhuman, but it proved extremely enlightening for viewers as it exposed his alcoholic past and Lash's true identity. Now that Lincoln is hanging around with the Secret Warriors (all two of them), Agents of SHIELD will continue to fill in the missing pieces of his pre-Afterlife days.

Unfortunately, all the powers that be could disclose was a simple confirmation that, yes, more back-story is in the works.

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"In a word, from EP Maurissa Tancharoen: 'Yes,'" TV Line reported on Tuesday.

Luckily, Mitchell was slightly more forthcoming. Right now, the biggest indicator that Lincoln's past is blemish on his record comes from the fact that he was on Lash's hit list.

"[It's something]I keep asking myself and I'm a little nervous about. The writers have hinted to me, and to the audience through the script, that Lincoln has had a dark past," Mitchell teased, according to Comic Book Resources. "They haven't given me anything concrete, but I get the feeling that Lincoln was a pretty troubled youth. I think we're going to find out pretty soon what that's all about."

Find out more when Agents of SHIELD returns to ABC on March 8. Click the video below to see Lincoln in action.

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