Blizzard Survival Tips: Twitter Suggestions On How To Beat Winter Storm Jonas (Hint: Milk Is Key)

After a (relatively) mellow winter so far, it seems that Mother Nature has decided America is overdue for a serious snowstorm. This weekend is sure to be a white one, with Winter Storm Jonas pounding the east coast and leaving major cities under a thick blanket of snow. It seems like a while since we've all had to gear up and get prepared for some aggressive weather (especially if you've been aggressively pretending last winter never happened). Feel a little out of your element as the clouds roll in and the temperature plummets? Then take a look at these great tips from Twitter on surviving Winter Storm Jonas. After all, social media has never steered us wrong before... right?

Stock Up

If you're going to survive the snowpocalypse, you're going to need supplies. Most people run to the nearest grocery store to grab all the milk and bread they can get their hands on, but you can't just survive on dairy and carbs. Make sure to have warm clothes, plenty of water, and a variety of food that can be eaten even if the power fails. And if you're expecting to be snowed in, a nice selection of alcoholic beverages can definitely help the time pass.

Be Prepared

Predictions are varying in regards to how much snow will actually fall, but when it comes to snowmageddon, it's better to be safe than sorry. Even if it ends up being a light dusting, make sure you have the supplies and plans needed to get through being snowed in. Put plans on hold until the forecast is a little clearer (or just cancel them and catch up on your Netflix viewing). If you were planning on traveling this weekend, rethink it. There is nothing fun about being stuck in a car on the side of the road during a snowstorm. The important thing is not to panic and run directly into the blizzard while yelling. This is ineffective and dangerous. Stay indoors.

Get More Milk

I know I said you needed more than milk, but you know what? Go grab some milk. Just to be safe. Maybe you do need all the milk. It could be the key to surviving. Even if you normally don't drink milk, or are lactose intolerant, go grab a carton. It could be the snow survival secret we've been looking for all along.

Be Considerate

Ordering in during a blizzard is just mean (unless there are extenuating circumstances, like you're craving dumplings). Of course you're free to do so, but you risk A) endangering the lives of others, and B) earning the eternal hatred of your local pizza place. If you do decide to place an order as the snow falls, remember to tip generously (and I mean at least $25, regardless of how much the food ends up costing). But before you order, ask yourself this: do you really need garlic knots that badly?

This is Not A Concert

I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but Winter Storm Jonas has nothing to do with the adorable and charming Jonas Brothers. Nick Jonas is not coming to your town (or if he is, it's completely unrelated). Do not plan outdoor events or visit your local concert hall. No one will be there. Again: none of the brothers Jonas are involved with this storm (although making a mix of Jonas Brothers songs in honor of the storm is an acceptable way to pass the time).

Don't Panic

Snowstorms can be scary (especially when the media is using phrases like snowmageddon and snowpocalypse to describe it), but we've all been through this before. While often irritating and a hindrance to plans and activities, smart and safe planning can remove most of the stress and uncertainty from a winter storm experience. Be smart, be practical, and be safe. And really, consuming your neighbors should always be the last resort (it's illegal and rude); so make sure you get some extra milk at the grocery store. Just to be on the safe side.

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