It is always heartwarming when you hear stories about act of kindness like this one featuring a police officer and a homeless man.

When Mike Meredith, a police officer, spotted Corey Daniels, a homeless man, sitting at the parking lot with his worn-out shoes, the kind cop decided to do a good deed for him by buying a new pair of shoes. To do this, Meredith held up the broken sneaker to his own shoe to figure the man's foot size. Then, the police officer walked to the nearest Payless store and found a beautiful pair of footwear for Daniels.

Aside from buying Daniels a new pair of shoes, Meredith also gave his Under Armour polo to him because he noticed that the homeless man doesn't have other clothes aside from the one that he was wearing.

"80 percent of our calls are not pulling guns out and trying to shoot people. We're trying to make relationships with our community," the police officer said pertaining to his act of kindness.

A pair of shoes may not be the biggest help for the homeless man but it is surely a heartwarming moment for everyone.