Jessica Simpson's divorce to ex-husband Nick Lachey wasn't pretty, but it looks like the former couple is finally burying the hatchet almost ten years after calling it quits. There's a new report that says Simpson is getting very close with Lachey again and apparently her current husband Eric Johnson might be worried about it.

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According to Naughty Gossip on Wednesday, Simpson and Lachey are on friendly terms again, even though she blasted him in public just last year. During an appearance on CNBC's Closing Bell, when asked about her biggest money mistakes, the blond beauty commented rather hastily with, "The biggest money mistakes? I don't know. For some reason I thought of my first marriage."

Now, it looks like all might be forgiven as Simpson and Lachey are regularly talking on the phone again despite the fact that they are both supposedly happily married to their spouses.

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A source close to Simpson dished, "Jessica and Nick have always checked in on each other, but became closer last October. This divorce was ugly and she ended up paying him millions to go away. It has taken a long time to recover from all that drama, but finally they are on friendly terms again. They have both grown up and moved on and are not getting back together."

The tipster also suggests that one of the reasons why Simpson distanced herself from Lachey was because of her father Joe Simpson, but now that he's no longer in the picture, she's trying to fix her mistakes from the past.

The insider added, "But they no longer want or need to hate each other. It has helped that Joe Simpson who caused all the problems between the once happy couple is no longer in Jessica's life. She is no longer listening to daddy and making her own decisions. Including, to make peace with the man she once loved."

So far neither Simpson nor Lachey have made any comments about the report.