'Beauty and the Beast' Season 4 Spoilers: What We Know So Far About The Next Chapter

Even though filming for season 4 of Beauty and the Beast is through, very little information regarding the plot has surfaced, and most of what is known about the storylines relies on heavy speculation.

Showrunner Reveals New Stills Of Vin And Cat From Season 4 

First off, the sad news is that this will be the last chapter of The CW show, so we hope it gives fans all they ever wished for from it. All we've gotten so far is a ton of behind-the-scenes images from filming, from which we can infer that the show has been shot in both New York and Canada.

Showrunner Stuart Gillard has been religiously putting up pictures--both behind-the-scenes and stills--from filming for the season in parts of New York. Now that the filming is wrapped, we have a pretty neat trove of images featuring the stars of the show -- Jay Ryan, who plays Vincent, Kristin Kreuk, who plays Catherine, Nina Lissandrello, who portrays Tess and Austin Basis, who plays the part of J.T.

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The showrunner has revealed most of these shots via Twitter, in some the cast and crew are just seen goofing about and some are official stills in the editing room.

In some images Vincent and Catherine are seen in combat mode, so there will certainly be plenty fighting the baddies. Meanwhile J.T. and Tess seem like they will be finding more depth in their relationship. Basis has also frequently suggested heartbreak and filming for the last time with his onscreen romantic partner on the show.

The finale of season 3, titled "Destined," aired on Sept. 10 on The CW.

Watch the preview:

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