Sheree Whitfield Husband Bob: What's Really Going On Between These Exes? [VIDEO]

NeNe Leakes and her husband Gregg might not be the only ones getting back together on Bravo’s The Real Housewives of Atlanta; word is Sheree Whitfield and her husband Bob are burying their drama and getting close again.

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The two surprised their co-stars when he popped up on the bus for the couples’ trip heading to Jamaica. While Sheree told cameras they were working on co-parenting together, no one was really buying it considering their children didn’t even come on the trip.

Things got even a little more awkward when Bob and Sheree came downstairs in matching outfits.

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Porsha Williams didn’t believe her.

While she seemed a little hesitant to come out about their alleged relationship, Bob looked like he was all for letting the people know what was going on. And so was Phaedra Parks.

She told Sheree, “Just let go and let it happen,” before encouraging Bob to, “Go on and lick that ear.”

Sheree made it clear she wasn’t going that far and Bob knew it.

“Every time I try, she moves her hear,” he whispered.

But he did say they were in their room “spooning.”

He then demonstrated on Sheree how he lets people know the woman he is with. “Ankle grab,” he said confidently before going for Sheree’s, who looked extremely uncomfortable.

Kim Fields' husband later egged him on as Bob told Sheree, “I got your drink honey bear.” He left for a second to grab her drink while Williams and Parks urged Sheree to give him a chance.

Check out the awkward but hilarious clip below.

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