Wendy Williams has been executing her "no holds barred" attitude even more lately; and she goes extra hard on singer Ciara after she sued her former fiancée and the father of her child, Future, for $15 million.

T-Boz & Chilli Clap Back At Wendy Williams

Ciara wanted him to pay up after she said he slandered her in the public for allegedly not allowing him to see their son, Baby Future. He has also made it clear that he is not happy that Ciara brings the child around her longtime boyfriend, Russell Wilson, consistently.

Still, Williams is definitely Team Future when it comes to the lawsuit.

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“Here’s my thing CiCi, and you know I love you…,” she said on her show earlier this month. “Ciara…Future’s not the reason that your music hasn't sold…And Future is also not the reason you got that lucrative contract with [Roberto Cavalli]…CiCi you are so talented…”

She went on to say that she was going to see Ciara at an event the next day.

“I don’t have my 200 people for backup…” she said.

Williams then went on to say that she has to “put on a brave face” when she sees celebrities that she’s dissing out in public.

“It’s not Future’s fault…I don’t even wanna know about you all’s story…This is you all’s fault for putting this stuff on social media. I don’t wanna know. But I got an hour to fill,” she said.

Check out her comments at the 3:36 mark.

No word on where Ciara and Future are in the lawsuit. Keep up with Enstars for more.