A mortuary in California admitted on Monday to burying a deceased woman in the wrong casket.

Officials at Simpson's Mortuary in Inglewood were informed that a mistake was made after Evans Davidson saw another person that was not his wife Darlene at a viewing of the body.

The husband's complaints about the mix-up were immediately followed up by the mortuary located near Los Angeles who first insisted that it was the correct body.

The 73-year-old widower told NBC Los Angeles that he knew pretty quickly that there was a problem.

"I was pretty certain it wasn't my wife -- unless she did some awful changing," Davidson said.

The mortuary claimed that the body looked different because it was embalmed, but Davidson stated that "It wasn't my wife and I knew it."

The body was then buried despite the grieving husband's protest.

The situation took a turn when Davidson said that another complaint was made to the mortuary from a woman during a body viewing who claimed that the remains being shown were not those of her deceased mother.

Eventually the situation was corrected after the accidental body switch.

Davidson was then told that the body of his wife remained at the mortuary and had not been buried during the funeral ceremony as was previously thought.

Dr. Reginald Black, a spokesperson for the mortuary, was quoted by CBS LA with an apology for the mix up.

"In this case, there was an error made and we are diligently working with both families to be in resolve," Black said.

Simpson's Mortuary has since offered to exhume the body currently in the wrong grave and pay all expenses for proper services for both families involved in the incident.

Davidson's wife will be buried on Wednesday after it has been properly established for the final time that it is indeed in the correct place.

An investigation into the incident was reportedly launched by The Cemetery and Funeral Bureau to look into the cause of the problem.