Doctor Who fans will be queuing up to swap their Netflix subscriptions for Amazon Prime memberships this March.

'Doctor Who' Season 10: Two New 'Brilliant' & 'Amazing' Writers On Board, A Sequel To 'Sleep No More'?

The iconic BBC series was pulled from Netflix and Hulu at the start of February, but it turns out fans will only be treated to one month without the Time Lord and his companions. The first eight seasons of new Who will join the Amazon Prime family as of March 1, according to

For many fans, Amazon is a savior in a year with very little to offer byway of the Doctor. A yearlong hiatus has fans scrambling for any kind of wibbly-wobbly timey-wimey fix they can get, and soon Prime will be viewers' only dealer.

'Doctor Who' Season 10: New Companion Cast? Peter Capaldi Teases 'Different' Feel

Doctor Who will return on Christmas Day 2016. When January 2017 rolls around, Steven Moffat will helm his final run. Season 10 will consist of 12 episodes, and the showrunner recent hinted that he would be involved with the 2017 Christmas special as well. If the holiday episode really is Moffat's final hurrah, it could also become Twelve's (Peter Capaldi) as well.

Chris Chibnall, current Broadchurch showrunner and occasional Doctor Who writer, will take over in Moffat's stead.

Click the video below to see a preview for the series' latest episode.