K. Michelle might have taken a step back after her online spat with her former arch nemesis Toya Wright, but now she’s coming for someone else on Twitter.

K. Michelle & Her 'Fake Bae' Safaree Samuels Take Flirting To A New Level

In her defense, the fan sent for K. Michelle first.

It all started when a fan took to social media to blast K. Michelle after the singer allegedly didn’t keep her word to help her out. The fan said that she was homeless and K. Michelle offered to assist her. She called out K. Michelle and said the singer has yet to follow through.

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“Funny thing is I was simply talking about my life’s struggles & Ms @kmichelle acted concerned & offered a solution but it was just publicity.”

She warned K. Michelle that she would let her fans know who she truly is.

“When you use your fan’s life’s issues to grow ur fan base it’s really low, why would u act concerned when ur not @kmichelle smh!!!”

Of course, it didn’t take long for K. Michelle to catch wind of the tweets and clap back. She revealed that “it hasn’t even been a week since I said I would donate money!” before she added, “People are psycho and entitled. You tweet me your homeless and I offer to help and u don’t hear from me in 2 days and u bash me.” She revealed that she just helped out four single mothers after she found out about their struggle. See what else she had to say in her full rant below.