'Talking Tom And Friends' Episodes: Gang Returns In Comical New Trailer As They Face The 'Coolness' [VIDEO]

The gang is returning with new episodes of Talking Tom and Friends.

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Last Thursday, a trailer was released for new episodes of the animated YouTube series with insight on what's about to take place. Clearly, all the characters are keeping up with their wit as Angela the cat says that it's boring without Tom around.

Odds are likely fans can agree with that statement.

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Tom does indeed return and lets his friends know they must come together to face the "coolness." This is when he freezes inside an ice cube along with his pals.

The cats and dogs then go about their lives as they come across more challenges with technology as well as physical forms of karate-like moves.

Angela then has a little moment to shine as it looks like she's about to get some romance.

See the trailer below.

Last summer, Enstars had the chance to speak with YouTube comedian Lisa Schwartz (voice of Angela) who dished on how liberating it feels to work on a series that has a different vibe from her wacky videos that have more adult content.

"I just think it's so sweet and funny and it's actually more musical theater-y in a way because it's kind of big and over the top and the direction is always, 'remember it's a cartoon, it's bigger, it's fun, it's crazy,'" Schwartz said. It's fun because I can try it a million different ways and we have a great director, Will Shepherd, who just throws out ideas and lets you play. I mean, it's totally, totally different, but I love it."

Talking Tom and Friends returns on Thursday, March 10.

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