Debby Ryan opened up on being one of the most inspirational young celebrities towards women.

On Sunday, Clevver News released a live interview with the Disney Channel star who made an appearance at the Kids Choice Awards earlier this month. When she was asked about being a role model for the younger generation, Ryan pointed out how there are so many females out there who can be overlooked.

"I feel like it's so easy for us as women to be inspired by men and to try and do it like them," the actress said. "But there are so many female role models that are younger than me, or my age, that I'm around that are so talented and kicking butt."

As for the people she looks up to the most, Ryan said that she's inspired by the ones who give it their all.

"I think it's mostly just people who try the best that they can," she said. "I think we're all at different levels in our lives and something that I'm able to do and having always been able to do...been able to find inspiration and beauty, and literally anyone, everyone has something that they're good at so the people I mentor, I learn a lot from and I grow a lot from."

See what else Ryan had to say in the interview below.

Ryan is known for roles in Jessie, The Suite Life on Deck and 16 Wishes.

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