'The Fosters' Season 3 Spoilers: Is Jude Going To Realize He Might Like Girls? [VIDEO]

Jude is about to discover more about himself when The Fosters airs its season finale.

On Wednesday, a sneak peek was released that shows Jude on the shore of a beach talking to Taylor about the death of Jack. After the kid's body was found by Stef, Jude is grieving over it and telling his friend what he was like.

He says Jack was weird, but in a good way. He adds that he thinks Jack may have wanted more than friendship from Jude.

No one's really sure if Jack was gay even though he kissed Jude. Taylor asks if that's what he wanted, but Jude didn't seem to feel the same way. In fact, he's not even sure if he's generally into guys.

Even though he dated Connor, Jude tells Taylor that he feels like it's more about the person than the gender.

So does this mean that Jude might date a girl? That's what Taylor asks him and Jude says he's not really sure. He hasn't even kissed a girl so it's hard for him to tell if he should be labeling himself in a certain aspect or not.

Whatever his preference may be, Taylor seems enticed by the fact that Jude might have a taste for females. The look she has gives the impression that she might try to flirt or even seduce Jude into taking his sexuality to a new level.

Check it out in the scene below.

The Fosters airs on Mondays at 8 p.m. ET on Freeform.

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