Villanova's buzzer-beating win in Monday night's NCAA men's basketball championship had fans all over the country going insane.

It's being talked about as one of the best endings to a National Championship game in history. With the score tied 74-74 and mere seconds to go, Villanova's Kris Jenkins scored an epic three-pointer and gave the Wildcats their first National Championship win since 1985.

"I think every shot is going in. So, that one was no different," Jenkins said after the game.

His teammate Ryan Arcidiacono added, "Every kid dreams about that shot. I wanted that shot, but I had confidence in my teammates. Kris was able to knock down that shot."

Watch the amazing buzzer-beater below:

Fans of Villanova, North Carolina and basketball fans everywhere have reacted in various ways to the three-pointer.

Retired basketball star Charles Barkley had a huge reaction to the three-pointer, getting out of his seat and celebrating enthusiastically:

One security guard at the game was calmly watching it all go down but his facade totally faded upon seeing the shot, unable to hide his reaction!:

On the flip side, Villanova head coach Jay Wright had an incredibly smooth non-reaction to the shot, which is rapidly spreading on the Internet:

Wright explained, "we have an end-of-the-game situation play. We put it in (Ryan) Arcidiacono's hands. It's his job to make the decision. Kris told him he was going to be open."

There were also huge celebrations on the Villanova campus after the big win:

Of course, not everyone was celebrating Villanova's big win. There were plenty of North Carolina students who were absolutely gobsmacked and visibly crushed:

Plenty of celebrities have reacted to Villanova's win on Twitter. Check out some of the best below: