Yolanda Foster Lyme Disease: Kathryn Edwards Talks Munchausen In Blog [VIDEO]


Kathryn Edwards spoke of the ongoing Muchausen drama in her latest blog.

Following Tuesday night's new episode of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, Foster took to her blog, where she addressed the rehashing of the issue that took place on a yacht during her birthday dinner.

"It's all the same thing, rehashed over again," Edwards wrote to fans in her Bravo TV blog on Tuesday. "You all know the story...Rinna said Lisa V tried to throw Kyle under the bus, Kyle doesn't care if she did or didn't. Lisa V doesn't want Kyle or any of us for that matter to believe she did that. Eileen is still pissed about the apology that she isn't getting and now has taken up Rinna's argument with Lisa V because she and Rinna feel as if she was manipulated into the Munchausen comment and wants Lisa V. to cop to all of the above."

Tuesday night's episode was a bit hard to follow, as there were issues brought up that didn't air on the show, but according to Edwards, she's had enough of the drama and feels that Kyle Richards believes what Lisa Rinna has said but doesn't want to rock the boat with Lisa Vanderpump.

"There was so much hemming and hawing and we are all smarter than that. I prefer the directness of the truth. Say it, own it, move on," Edwards recommended.

"Rinna made the Munchausen comment. I don't buy the manipulation accusation whereas Rinna wouldn't have said it if she wasn't goaded by Lisa V. Sorry, I'm a big believer in accountability," Edwards explained. "Rinna is a smart woman who has maneuvered Hollywood and much bigger sharks than Lisa V. I believe that Rinna made the conscious choice to engage in the conversation and then wanted to fess up to Yolanda to clear her conscience. Sh--, would Yolanda have ever found out that Rinna's hairdresser was talking about this if Rinna never offered the info up to everyone?"

For more of Yolanda Foster and Kathryn Edwards, tune into The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills season six finale, airing on Tuesday at 9 p.m. on Bravo, and check out the sneak peek below.

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