Donald Trump Vs Al Gore: A Soundbite Squabble Between GOP Frontrunner & Ex-VP Over Climate Change [VIDEO]

Donald Trump has made it no secret that he doesn't buy into this whole "climate change thing." And one person who's made it no secret that he'll do everything he can to raise awareness on climate change is Al Gore. So why it is we've never had a Trump vs Gore public feud over the issue?

Well, we do now...Kind of.

At the moment, Trump seems more content to keep his quarreling with Ted Cruz and the Republican party as he tries to fight his way to the GOP presidential nomination. And Gore is busy still fighting the good fight that brought him his second act fame a decade ago--essentially continuing the speaking tour that was filmed for An Inconvenient Truth, most recently giving a presentation at the Skoll World Forum in Oxford. So neither one has really had the time to get into the political back-and-forth we'd all like to see.

But the good folks over at Tubi TV, a free online streaming service, didn't let that stop them. Tubi TV is currently streaming An Inconvenient Truth and has announced they'll be allowing viewers to watch the documentary commercial-free on Earth day (April 22). So to promote it, they've cut together this full tantalizing soundbite fight between Trump and Gore, in which the former vice president lays the smack down (via clips from the film) on the controversial candidate in responses to recordings of his pretty ridiculous comments on the issue.

It's definitely worth the watch, although now we kind of wish the two would get into real-life smack talking back-and-worth. 

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