Dan Bilzerian News: Instagram Celeb Launches Mobile Game With Blood-Thirsty Zombies [VIDEO]

Dan Bilzerian has taken his success into the world of mobile games.

In a press release, it was announced that the Instagram playboy has launched the game called "Save Dan."

While the man is known for scoring lots of money as well as lots of women, the game centers around a different kind of plotline- instead, he is attacked by zombies who want Bilzerian's blood.

"These villains want him as much as the long-legged beauties in real life, but unlike the cuddly girls Dan is surrounded with at all times, these creatures are bloodthirsty," the statement reads. "Only you can help him out!"

Bilzerian helped out with certain characteristics and animation for the game. He opened up on something else he added in there to make it more fun for players.

"Originally the concept started out as a shooting app with a nice variety of weapons inanimate targets in a variety of environments," he explained. "I suggested making it more interested by having a variety of zombie chicks chasing me to rip my clothes off and 'abuse' me. The player's objective is simply to save my a-s! It kinda took off from there with some cool additional features."

The player's objective is to keep watching out for the Instagram star to protect him from the flesh-eating zombies. If all fails, then those creatures will rip him to smithereens.

What also makes this game more fun is that there are appearances from some of Bilzerian's fellow animal friends, including Zeus the goat and Smushball the cat.

This game is available on the app store and through Google Play. See more details here.

Bilzerian is one of the most popular celebrities on social media with more than 16 million followers on Instagram.

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