'Gilmore Girls' Netflix: Is Jess Still A 'Rabble-Rouser'? Milo Ventimiglia Teases Bad Boy Return [VIDEO]


Gilmore Girls' Jess Mariano is a little bit older, a little bit wiser, and still raising Cain.

Milo Ventiglima will return to Stars Hollow in Netflix's Gilmore Girls: Seasons, and he will be the same old troublemaker we've grown to know and love. Luke's nephew managed to get his life together in Philadelphia, but, when Jess heads back to Connecticut, he will shake up the status quo.

"I thought it was nice that he's [still] that Jess-kicking-ass that everybody kind of liked--the bad boy that he was," Ventimiglia told ET Online. "But also, the kid always had a heart of gold, he really did. He was just a misguided, troubled, reckless, rabble-rouser."

The reason behind Jess' return is currently unknown, but Ventimiglia told Wizard World attendees that the character is there to "push the ball forward for some folks in Stars Hollow, which is something Jess has always done."

The Netflix revival will be comprised of four 90-minute episodes, three of which will feature Jess. Even though Seasons will be a quick binge watch for fans, the longer episodes will allow for a deeper exploration of the series' staples. 

"I think that the different format of having hour-and-a-half episodes will give more airtime with certain characters and time to go a little deeper with certain things," Yanic Truesdale (Michel) told PopSugar. "I think it will be an interesting little twist on what people are used to with the show."

Are you ready to reunite with Rory (Alexis Bledel), Lorelai (Lauren Graham), Luke (Scott Patterson) and the rest of the gang? Catch Gilmore Girls: Seasons on Netflix later this year. Click the video below to see Jess in action.

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