While Bow Wow hinted that he was disappointed about CBS’ CSI: Cyber not being renewed for a season three, he made it clear his coins won’t be impacted too badly.

He revealed via Twitter Friday that he’s already working on a new project.

“Great run through today! New gig that FAST! Its going to be great working w/ a legendary and respected artist! New chapter… Thankful”

It’s not clear what Bow Wow, whose real name is Shad Moss, was referring to, but it’s safe to say he has no problem staying a working man when it comes to acting.

He did say he would be revealing what his new gig is while he spoke on CBS’ decision not to keep the show going.

Bow Wow first announced the cancellation of CSI: Cyber with a photo of him walking into the set. “Thanks. Learned a lot,” he wrote.“Grown acting wise. Worked alongside the best. Can’t wait for the next chapter…#nelson” He added in his Instagram caption, “Nelson has left the building.”

Still, the co-stars can’t seem to stay away from one another. He happened to bump into Charley Koontz, who also starred in the series. He added the caption, “Run into my bros @charley_koontz RANDOMLY in the streets!!! #cyberforlife love bro!”

Fans also extended words of encouragement and let Bow Wow know we haven’t even come close to seeing the last of him.

“I’m not worried at all… you got so much up your sleeve…You got this Shad!! Can’t wait to see what you do next…”

“You’ll come up. The money is coming.”

“You dominate everything. You did a great job.”

Other fans urged him to get back into the studio for another album or even another hit movie on the big screen.