With the producers of Attack on Titan intent on sticking to the manga as much as possible, the anime's upcoming second season has been pushed back yet again. As of writing, the latest rumors are alleging that Season 2 would not make it this year. Rather, the highly-anticipated follow-up to the series would begin in 2017 instead.

Indeed, there is some merit to this decision. After all, anime is riddled with accounts of titles which failed massively due to its departure from the source material. Take Tokyo Ghoul Root A, for example. Due to its departure from the source material, the anime was bashed by fans and critics alike.

However, Attack on Titan might be a very different story. While it is true that having the manga four arcs ahead before producing the second season makes sense, the fact that the manga has covered a lot of ground already is also a valid point. Thus, even if the manga is not that far ahead, Attack on Titans' plot has actually progressed far enough to warrant a second season.

Immediately after the events of the first season is the Clash of Titans arc, which is home to some of the biggest revelations in the manga thus far. Once adapted to anime, the events of the arc would already be satisfactory for a good number of episodes. After all, the season's ender, which involves Eren's Rogue Titan taking on the Armored Titan in a one on one fight, could already rival the intensity of the finale of the Defense of Trost arc, which was featured in Season 1.

Apart from this, the current arc of the manga, which involves the Beast Titan and his army of man-eating giants taking on the last of the Survey Corps, seems to be close to ending. Thus, if the second season of Attack on Titan would begin production right now, the current arc of the manga would end as the anime's second season is beginning.

In the world of anime, part of the success of a title is timing. Attack on Titan made massive waves among anime enthusiasts and mainstream audiences when it was released, but apart from a series of pretty good OVAs, the series as been at a standstill, brought on mainly by the unsuccessful run of its two live-action movies.

With this in mind, the Attack on Titan franchise must do something significant right now, in order to keep the hype surrounding the series alive. With other titles such as One Punch Man and Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress earning comparable accolades, Attack on Titan would be better off asserting itself as top dog of the anime industry once more.