Actor Eddie Murphy is making headlines, as a recent unconfirmed report indicated that the Nutty Professor star has died.

While this report has yet to be addressed by Murphy's representatives, it stated that the actor was vacationing at the Zermatt ski resort in Zermatt, Switzerland with family and friends. Witnesses indicated that Eddie Murphy lost control of his snowboard and hit a tree at a high rate of speed.

The report is said to be developing, as it also stated that Murphy was air lifted by ski patrol teams to a local hospital, however, it is believed that the actor died instantly from the huge impact of the crash. The actor reportedly was wearing a helmet at the time of the accident and drugs and alcohol do not appear to have played any part in his death. A similar report was released last year, which it stated that the actor died in a snowboarding accident.

If the report appears to be a hoax, this is not the first time that online sites have killed Murphy.

The actor has been the center of several Twitter death hoaxes, all that have involved snowboarding accidents.

Last summer, a rumor swirled that the actor had lost control of his snowboarding equipment in Switzerland and struck a tree at high speed, dying instantly on impact.

E! News later confirmed Murphy was alive "though probably a little agitated with social media."

Murphy is not the only celebrity to be killed off on social media. The list includes Cher, Justin Bieber, Bil Cosby Rihanna and Chris Brown.

It's easy for death hoaxes to be spread. Once it reaches Twitter, a critical mass of retweets within minutes, it gets even more attention.

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