Hopefully the Cruel Intentions TV show will happen because the two stars are looking mighty fierce.

Over the weekend, Taylor John Smith who plays Bash in the anticipated series based on the 1999 film, took to his Instagram page to wish director Roger Kumble a happy 50th birthday. And the actor was nice enough to post a photo that shows him looking very much like his character's late father Sebastian with his long black coat and sinister posture.

Sarah Michelle Gellar, who's reprising her role as Kathryn on the show, is also in the photo as she sits in a chair in a seductive black outfit while letting her brunette hair fall around her.

Clearly, Kathryn is still the femme fatale she always was.

Kumble is also in the photo giving the actors some direction.

It's unclear at this point if the series will ever land on TV, but if it does, fans will have a lot to look forward to. Smith previously opened up with People on what is expected to be seen when his character finds his father's journal and discovers that he comes from a family filled with money and power. Even though he was raised as a proper young man by his mother, Annette, Bash learns more and eventually meets his aunt Kathryn, someone who clearly differs from Annette.

"It's like his mom on one shoulder- she's the angel- and then there's Kathryn on the other side like the devil," Smith said. "They're both kind of pulling for me. Will I become the person my mom raised me to be or am I destined to become like my father and go down that road of power and prestige?"