'One Punch Man' Season 2 News And Updates: Production Finally Begins, Saitama Origin Story Confirmed? [VIDEO]

One Punch Man is arguably the most surprising hit anime of 2015. Indeed, with its deconstructive charm and even subversive themes, it is one anime that truly, pleasantly surprised the world, to the point where its fans were immediately clamoring for a second season as soon as the first one ended.

However, One Punch Man is currently experiencing challenges akin to those being experienced by other massive anime franchises such as Attack on Titan and Tokyo Ghoul. Just like those popular anime, One Punch Man is struggling with its source material, which is moving a fairly slow pace.

Indeed, the One Punch Man manga's progress has been fairly slow to date. Thus, with Yusuke Murata and his team of animators basing the progression of the anime's plot closely with the source material, the relatively slow pace of the manga has caused some problems for the anime's second season.

Regardless of this difficulty, however, it should be noted that Murata himself assured fans back in December that he and his team, together with Madhouse Entertainment would make sure that the second season would be better, or at least, at par with the first. Considering that the first season was met with universal acclaim, Murata has ended up setting the bar very high for him and his team.

Thus, one of the rumors that have emerged as of late is the speculation that the second season of the One Punch Man anime would dedicate a number of episodes to Saitama's backstory. After all, very little is known about Saitama in both the manga and the anime. Doing so would give the anime fewer episodes to fill, allowing for the current contents of the manga to be adequate.

Then again, one of the reasons why One Punch Man has been such a massive success if the fact that it did not diverge from the source material at all. In fact, that is one of the reasons why fans were very satisfied with how the first season was produced.

With this in mind, Murata and his team would need to handle the production of the second season with extremely careful hands. Otherwise, they might end up compromising one of the best things about the anime - its accuracy and faithfulness to the One Punch Man manga. 

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