It has been almost two years since the last episode of Attack on Titan Season 1 has aired, and since then, fans of the popular franchise have clamored for a second season. Unfortunately, the release of the second season has seen its date being pushed back repeatedly. Even until today, Attack on Titan Season 2 still has no definite release date.

Rumors are abounding, however, that the anime's second season would finally begin its run in January 2017. Considering that the producers have voiced out their intentions of keeping the anime faithful to the manga, the decision to begin the second season on January 2017 instead makes perfect sense.

After all, the Attack on Titan manga has already progressed significantly, with the most recent installment seemingly building up to the series' climax. Indeed, with the stakes as high as those being featured in the manga right now, it would seem like the story of Attack on Titan is about to come to an end.

Considering that there would be seven more issues of the manga before January 2017, the main plot of Attack on Titan would have ample time to progress before the second season's first episode gets released. By the time the anime ends, most probably around June 2017, the manga would probably be drawing to a close too.

For now, Kodansha Comics has announced something notable to the franchise's fans during the recently-held Anime Central in Chicago. Strangely, the publisher is releasing an Attack on Titan-themed adult coloring book. Released last month in Japan, the interesting book features 60 pages worth of characters and iconic scenes from the anime to color.

Considering how violent Attack on Titan is, however, those purchasing the Attack on Titan Coloring Book would need to stock up on red colored pencils right now. Actually, with the series' incredibly-detailed setpieces that are featured in the book, those purchasing the book might as well stock up on other colors in the red family like maroon, brick red, scarlet and vermillion as well.

By the time the book's 60 pages are done, all those red shaded pencils would surely be fully used up.