'Jane The Virgin' Season 3: Jane WILL Lose Her Virginity But When? EP Speaks Out [VIDEO]

It's time for Jane the Virgin to find herself a new appositive - her virginal existence is nearly at an end.

The CW dramedy will finally let its caste lead slip between the sheets in season 3. She's married, she's had a child; don't you think it's high time Jane has a little S-E-X? Executive producer Jennie Snyder Urman certainly believes so.

"Yes, yes, yes -- it's happening!" Snyder Urman told ET Online at the ATX TV festival last weekend. "She'll lose her virginity this year for sure."

After all, fans - and Jane - thought the moment would come during the season 2 finale. Newly wed and ready to start their lives together, Jane and Michael (Brett Dier) had the date of their marital consummation marked on the calendar. Sin Rostro (Bridget Regan/Megan Ketch) put an end to their fantasies, however, when the drug lord sent a slug right into Michael's chest (see video below). His life now hangs in the balance, but, even if the cop bites the dust, Jane will still lose her virginity this year.

"Regardless of if Michael lives or if Michael dies, it's what happens after?" the EP teased. "After something so traumatic, can you still hold on to your sense of magic a little bit? It's continuing that move from fantasy to reality."

Even better, Jane won't wait until the finale to do the deed.

"I definitely never want it to be a season opener or a season finale," Snyder Urman said. "To me, it feels like it puts too much pressure on it, and that isn't what the show is about at its core. I just wanted to put that moment in the show, but not build to fireworks."

Find out who Jane will chose as the lucky man when Jane the Virgin returns to The CW this fall!

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