There's 'somewhat' been a plan on what the family is going to do following the school lock-down on The Fosters.

On Saturday, TV Line posted a sneak peek of everyone at the house and how they're dealing with the incident of Nick bringing a gun to school. Ever since he snapped after watching Mariana kiss Mat, he's shown that vengeance is the only way out. So is the family in danger?

Stef reassures the kids that Nick wouldn't come to the house since the police are searching for him. But they should keep the doors locked just in case. She also wants everyone to stay away from computers and their phones so they won't hear any "gossip"- likely referring to the Callie-Brandon situation.

In fact, Stef wants their phones right away, and with teenagers being addicted to technology these days, this is hard for them to accept. Jesus asks what they're going to do without their phones, showing the harsh yet comical reality of how people are so attached to their phones.

Lena says that reading a book is something that will keep them busy- but Jesus points out that all his book reading is still on his phone.

Regardless, Stef takes the technologies away. And as strange as it is to be without these items, everyone seems willing to participate just for the sake of their lives. Lena also wants the kids to know that they should talk about what's going on and not keep it all bottled up.

Check out the sneak peek here.

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