Kanye West And Taylor Swift: Wendy Williams Compares The B Word To The N Word [VIDEO]

Wendy Williams has weighed in on the beef between Taylor Swift and Kanye West after Kim Kardashian exposed Swift on social media Sunday night.

Kardashian shared raw footage of Swift giving West the green light to rap about her in his song Famous. She even approved West’s line that features him saying he and Swift might hook up one day. Still, Swift has come out and said she never approved West to call her a B word. And while she has been blasted for possibly lying, Williams has a different take on the situation.

She spoke out about it on her daytime talk show Monday (which also marked her 52nd birthday) and said West is the one in the wrong.

“I say there’s a technicality here,” she said. “What he didn’t tell her is that last line. ‘I made the B famous.’”

Williams took things up a notch and said, “Sometimes you don’t mind being called a B if it’s in the right context… But other times… Kind of like the N word. You know how black people throw around the N word and it’s cool sometimes according to some Black people? And not cool sometimes…”

Williams said that Swift should have said she didn’t know the lyrics versus “acting like” she wasn’t aware of the song.

She then clapped it up for West sounding pleasant on the phone conversation with Swift. She also said West had a point when it came to making Swift famous.

“I had never heard of her.”

Take a look at the 3:00 mark.

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