'Tokyo Ghoul' Season 3 News: With Enough Manga Material, Production To Start Soon? [VIDEO]

The third season of Tokyo Ghoul is one of the most highly-anticipated titles set to come out in anime. With a massive fanbase and a source material that practically sells itself, Tokyo Ghoul Season 3 is almost certain of success.

While details about the production of the anime's third season are scarce, persistent rumors have continually emerged which speculate that Tokyo Ghoul Season 3 would be released on Winter. Whether that happens this year or next year remains to be a question.

One thing that is practically certain, however, is the content of Season 3. While the first season dealt with the protagonist Ken Kaneki and his descent into the life of a half-ghoul, and the second season dealt with a manga-independent storyline, the third season seems set to go back to its manga roots.

If this is indeed the case, Tokyo Ghoul Season 3 would be covering the events of the ongoing Tokyo Ghoul:re manga.

Tokyo Ghoul:re is a sequel to the events of the original plot of Tokyo Ghoul, which ended in the second season of the anime. While Season 2, Tokyo Ghoul Root A, pursued a completely different plot, the final scene of the last episode nonetheless featured an almost frame-by-frame similarity with the closing chapter of the original Tokyo Ghoul manga.

Thus, as much as Tokyo Ghoul Root A is largely considered a failure by most fans, it does manage to do one very important thing -- it was able to set up events for Tokyo Ghoul:re.

Last year, reports emerged that the production company behind the anime adaptation of Tokyo Ghoul, Studio Pierrot, announced that if the anime were to be produced then, it would be rife with fillers due to the lack of manga material. Since then, however, the manga has already progressed significantly, providing the anime with more than enough material to warrant another season.

Recently, the manga even finished what could probably be the most epic battle in the manga so far -- the rematch between Kaneki and the man to beat him in the original storyline, Arima. Thus, for all intents and purposes, Season 3's plot is already set by the manga.

All that remains now, of course, is for Studio Pierrot to finally start production of the anime. With the live-action Tokyo Ghoul movie currently in the works, however, there is a chance that the wait for the anime's third season might be a bit longer than usual.

Then again, if those rumors of a Winter release date prove true, then maybe the wait will soon prove to be worth it after all. 

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