Dragon Ball Super: New Episode Titles Leaked, Black Goku To Finally Beat Son Goku With Super Saiyan Rose? [VIDEO]

Dragon Ball Super has slowed down considerably since the initial match between Son Goku and the villain from the future, Black Goku. However, if recent episode title leaks are any indication, it would seem like the intensity of DBS would pick up in the next few episodes once again.

The previous episodes, while showing very little action, managed to build up the characters who are set to play an important role in the Future Trunks arc. Now that all the preparation is done, it seems like Dragon Ball Super is once more ready to go full steam ahead.

A recent leak state that the next three episodes in DBS would involve an encounter with the Omni-King, as well as a possibly brutal rematch between Son Goku and Black Goku.

According to the leak, Episode 55's title is I want to see Son Goku. A request from Zeno-sama. While the events of the title are pretty self-explanatory, there is much speculation about the actual reason why the God of Everything would want to personally speak with Son Goku.

Some fans believe that Zeno would be seeking Son Goku in order to give him a heads-up about Black, while some believe that the mighty god would be talking to Goku about another tournament. Considering the events of the Future Trunks arc, however, there is a bigger chance that Zeno's purpose would be the former.

Episode 56, The Rematch of Goku vs Black! Super Saiyan Rose Appears!!, seems to confirm a number of rumors about the current arc's villain. For one, the pink-haired transformation shown in leaked photographs now has an official name -- Super Saiyan Rose. Numerous fans appreciate the new form's moniker, as the SSJR sounds a lot better than Super Saiyan Pink.

As much as Black Goku's Super Saiyan transformation is interesting, however, it is the significance of his power boost that matters more to the anime. If any, it does provide a very distinct clue to the progression of the plot, especially when Episode 57's title is taken into consideration.

Episode 57 is simply titled Goku, Super Saiyan Blue. Though the title is very brief, it does give a lot of clues as to what would happen during the two powerful characters' rematch. Considering that Goku would be powering up to SSJB form, there could only be one reason -- Black Goku's Super Saiyan Rose transformation would be too much for anything lower than Super Saiyan Blue.

After all, Goku barely uses SSJB in his fights. If any, he only pulls it out when his opponent is extremely strong. Thus, the fact that he would use it in his rematch with Black Goku says a lot about the villain's new level of power.

Unfortunately, the leaks only go as far as Episode 57. Thus, fans currently have no idea about who would win in Son Goku and Black Goku's rematch.

Dragon Ball Super Episode 55 will air on Aug. 14, Episode 56 on Aug. 21 and Episode 57 on Aug. 28. 

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