It's going to be one wild ride when Prison Break returns with new episodes.

A new sneak peek was released on Tuesday that shows everyone's obvious realization that Michael is very much alive-- but he needs to escape to safety.

Sara believes that Michael is dead until Lincoln shows up with proof that he's not. This embarks upon what can only be an epic adventure to find him and lead him on a challenging escapade.

The clip shows fights and dramatic occurrences taking place that might have a heavier vibe than previous episodes. According to executive producer Dawn Olmstead, there will be a lot of important characters who associate with Michael's escape.

"All the people that you loved from the original Prison Break will all play a very significant role in helping Michael and Lincoln," Olmstead said.

It's not just a matter of Michael escaping from prison, but he needs to find a way to get back into the United States. So the journey doesn't stop at finding a place that's not behind bars.

Dominic Purcell, who plays Lincoln, opened up on the bond his character shares with his brother, something more powerful than what can only be imagined.

"The connection between the two brothers is a universal theme," Purcell said. "It's love. It's's going to be incredibly exciting. I think that this is going to be better than the original Prison Break."

And with the way the clip ends, the actor sounds more than right. Lincoln finds his brother and assures him that he will get out of there. With more sacrifices along the way, it's all about doing what one must do for family.

Check it out in the video below.

Prison Break Season 5 is expected to premiere in 2017 on FOX.