Dominic Purcell opened up on his set injuries while filming the new season of Prison Break.

On Saturday, Deadline posted an interview with the actor who suffered a broken nose, a head injury and some stitches when when an iron bar fell on him on set. Purcell is slowly but surely healing.

And to make things convenient, some of these injuries will be written into his character for the new season of the series.

"We're jumping to episodes eight and nine, and we're going to play the injuries in it," Purcell said. "They'll just write something where Lincoln gets bashed in the head with an iron bar or something. No one expected me to recover so quickly. If you look at my face now, we can get away with it. My nose is still swollen up here and my eyes are still a bit swollen."

Considering that Purcell's character tends to get into dangerous situations, his visible bruises would be pretty believable.

"Lincoln's always got bruises," he said. "He's always fighting and getting in scraps, so it just works perfectly with the character."

The actor then dished on what fans can expect when the series returns for new episodes. There will be some bizarre moments to look forward to especially since it relates to real-life threats.

"The show is taking place in Yemen; we're dealing with ISIS and ISA, and obviously we left off with Michael presumably dead," Purcell revealed. "He wasn't, he ended up working for this organization. It got to the point where he couldn't do it anymore, and they threw him in a jail in Yemen to change his mind. He didn't change his mind, they set him up."

Prison Break Season 5 is expected to premiere this fall on FOX.