Karen Huger might be the self-proclaimed etiquette queen on Bravo’s The Real Housewives of Potomac, but now she has been blasted for going too far on social media.

It started when she posted a photo of a little girl and called her, “my family’s youngest little #divaintraining”

Well the child’s mother hopped on social media and popped off at Huger big time and accused Huger of posting the child and pretending it was hers.

“You pathetic, leeching, dusty ovary wrinkled t-shirt facea** moron! Did you really claim my child as your kin? Never in my life have I seen something this tragic, you elderly a** b****. Really outdid yourself…”

It didn’t take long for Huger to clap back on Instagram after getting lots of backlash from fans.

“Before you speak on an issue, I suggest you educate yourselves. For the vast majority of you who are uneducated on this specific situation – I’ll help you out.”

Huger went on to say that Madison’s grandfather and the father of the woman who blasted her, introduced the child to Huger and her family. She said Madison has spent “countless hours” with them and even grown very close to Huger’s mother, who was sick. Huger did say she didn’t know anyone in Madison’s family other than her grandfather.

“And while your comments were viscous, malicious, and based on no factual evidence – Madison and I thank you for the attention. Have a fabulous day! #ItTakesAVillage”

  In the end, the woman came out and said Huger was telling the truth. Check it out.

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