One of the stars of The Good Wife opened up on the spinoff with one enticing tease.

On Tuesday, The Hollywood Reporter posted an interview with Christine Baranski who's joining the new series to reprise her role as Diane Lockhart. She mentioned that a lot more can take place with the storyline one year after the finale; plus, one central character could show up.

"I think there are stories to be told like what happens after that and, indeed, Julianna [Margulies] might very well appear as Alicia Florrick in the courtroom with Diane," Baranski said. "We don't know, but it's an all open possibility, which I think is exciting. What's exciting is we already have an audience that knows and loves the show, and knows and loves the characters so they're invested and they know the style of the writing and they love it."

The actress also opened up on why she loves playing Diane and how her unique persona can easily be seen again in the upcoming series.

"I always thought Diane had a kind of moral stature and a sense of equilibrium more than any character," Baranski said. "There was always something foundational about Diane and I love the fact that Diane was a woman with that kind of integrity. God knows she struggled with it and she made compromises but always what you saw with Diane was a woman who was trying to hold her balance in a very morally compromised world."

One possible title for the spinoff could be The Better Wife although Baranski made it clear that that was just a joke.

The Good Wife spinoff is expected to premiere in early 2017 on CBS All Access.