Is the leading star of The Good Wife going to be in the spinoff?

That's a definite possibility based on Saturday's report from TV Line. According to executive producer Michelle King, there might be a chance that Alicia, played by Julianna Margulies, will have a guest spot in the anticipated spinoff following the show's finale last month.

"We might [see Alicia]," King revealed. "It's all being conceived right now."

Diane and Lucca are expected to be the central characters in the new part of the series. And if Alicia does show up at some point, it's pretty likely that she won't be part of the firm.

"It'll be fun to build [the company] anew," King said. "But also, the thinking is new characters."

Some other familiar faces might make an appearance as well, but it's not yet known who they'll be.

In another report from TV Line, Executive Vice President of CBS Digital Media Marc DeBevoise opened up on the series coming to CBS All Access and how fitting it's going to be.

"Our original programming strategy for CBS All Access is data-driven and focused on exclusive, premium content that will continue to expand the value of our service to subscribers," DeBevoise said. "The Good Wife is consistently one of our most-watched series across digital platforms, and this new series, with the incredible storytellers and marquee talent that have signed on, is a perfect addition to CBS All Access's premium original programming slate."

CBS Television Studios President David Stapf also pointed out how this will be a show that fans will want to keep up with.

"The quality of The Good Wife has always rivaled anything on television and we're excited to tell more stories with some of the brilliant characters [series creators] Robert and Michelle King created," Stapf said.

The Good Wife spinoff is expected to premiere next spring.