Being the mayor or Star City is not without its risks. Arrow's Oliver Queen is certainly capable of handling himself when he has a bow in his hands, but his foray into the political world will necessitate a change.

This change will come in the form of Christopher Chance, a.k.a. Human Target. With Diggle (David Ramsey) back in the military, Chance will be called in to exercise his unique abilities in the defense of Mr. Queen (Stephen Amell).

Wil Traval will take the role, according to TV Line, making his debut in episode 5. The timing comes as no surprise, particularly since the November hour reportedly draws its title from the hero.

"Word's out I am Human Target," Traval told fans on Thursday.

As a bodyguard, Chance often assumes the identity of his employers in an effort to draw out and defeat assassins. Now that Arrow is taking their fight scenes to new heights, violence might be on the rise in Star City (is it ever not?). Human Target's presence might be an out and out necessity for the DC hero.

"We're now part of this [TV] universe where you have Game of Thrones and the way that they deal with violence and how they do their fights, so it's our attempt to do something similar. It's bloody. You're in it," showrunner Wendy Mericle told TV Line.

"We're doing a lot more 'first person' - not necessarily point of view - action. Stephen has been a huge proponent of doing that, and it's going to feel real and in your face."

Catch up with Oliver Queen when Arrow returns to The CW on Oct. 5 at 8 p.m. ET. Click the video below to see a preview for season 5.