'Big Brother 18' Update: Did Nicole Really Deserve To Win Over Paul? [POLL, VIDEO]

Nicole Franzel is the winner of Big Brother 18, and not everyone is happy about it.

The Big Brother 18 finale aired Wednesday night and concluded in rather polarizing fashion. Paul Abrahamian won the final HOH competition of the summer and chose to evict James Huling, taking Nicole to the Final 2 with him. The nine-person jury then cast their votes for the winner of Big Brother, and by a narrow vote of 5-4, they awarded Nicole.

Nicole has now become the first woman to ever beat a man in the Final 2 in 18 seasons of Big Brother. While many have been clamoring to see this occurrence for years now, there were mixed feelings overall among the Big Brother audience. Many were very pleased to see Nicole crowned the winner:

However, considering the hashtag #PaulWasRobbed was trending on Twitter last night, there were a lot of angry fans who felt Paul should have won the $500,000.

Nicole was in a power position Week 1 in the game when she nabbed the first HOH "win" of the season. She helped turn things around as many of the newbies wanted to target the returnees, and got into a majority "Eight-Pack" alliance. She bonded with Corey Brooks very early in the game and this relationship blossomed into a showmance. Even though Nicole would ultimately break bonds and backstab friends, she always remained true to Corey.

It was after Paulie Calafiore was evicted on Day 65, though, that really signaled a change in Nicole. Realizing she was on the bottom at that point, she and Corey were able to persuade James Huling and Natalie Negrotti to keep them safe, and it worked. Nicole and Corey then made a Final 4 deal with Paul and Victor Arroyo, which they later went back on when Corey nominated them at Final 5 instead of James.

However, Nicole also isolated many of her fellow females in the house and helped orchestrate many of their evictions. This gained her a bad reputation in the fan community, especially when she would comment on how girls don't like her "for some reason." She also had a lot of people who disliked her for staying in bed with Corey through much of the summer.

Either way, Nicole is the winner of Big Brother 18. But do you think she deserved it?

Did Nicole deserve to win 'Big Brother 18'?

Big Brother: Over the Top is set to premiere next Wednesday on CBS All Access.

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