'Dragon Ball Super' Episode 60 Spoilers: Vegeta's Revenge On Black Goku For Bulma's Death [VIDEO]

After weeks building up the rematch between the heroes and the villains of the ongoing Future Trunks arc, Dragon Ball Super could feature Vegeta's new Super Saiyan transformation after Bulma's tragic death in the hands of Black Goku. 

Vegeta's rematch against the man who killed his wife in the future has been a long time coming. In fact, numerous Dragon Ball Super fans have voiced out their frustration at the fact that the proud Saiyan Prince seems to be unable to catch a break.

After hearing of his wife's demise from the future version of his son, Vegeta's fight with Black Goku ended up very one-sided, with the villain taking him out of the battle without any effort at all. While such a development was nothing surprising, numerous fans have stated that it is high time Vegeta gets his turn in the limelight.

After all, among the characters in the Future Trunks arc, he and his son are the ones with a very personal reason to battle Black Goku.

Considering the tropes that are commonly utilized in the Dragon Ball franchise, iTech Post states that there is a good chance Vegeta would reach new levels of power and transform into a higher Super Saiyan form. With this in mind, speculations about the Saiyan Prince possibly turning into Super Saiyan White have emerged.

This notion seems to be very plausible, especially since the titles and release dates for Episodes 62 and 63 have recently been leaked. Showing on October 16 and 23, the two episodes are titled Trunks' Super Power! and Vegeta Fierce Battle!

From the titles of the episodes alone, it seems safe to assume that Future Trunks would be able to transform into a Super Saiyan form that is far stronger than SSJ2. Currently, he can only transform up to Super Saiyan 2, a level that is far beneath the power of both Black Goku and Zamasu, according to Attack of the Fanboy.

As for Episode 63, the fact that the title refers to Vegeta actually putting up a fight against the villains seems to suggest that the Saiyan Prince would be able to reach a new form of Super Saiyan. After all, if there was anything that the previous skirmish with Black and Zamasu proved, it is the fact that Super Saiyan Blue, Vegeta's strongest transformation so far, is just about as powerful as a pea shooter to the two villains.

Thus, for Vegeta to put up a good fight, he must have become far more powerful. In true Dragon Ball fashion, this could very well refer to the emergence of another, more powerful Super Saiyan form.  

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