'Big Brother: Over the Top' Live Feeds: Jason Bonds With Danielle & Justin And More Night 1 Highlights [VIDEO]

The Big Brother: Over the Top houseguests officially entered the house Wednesday night, and fans got to see the whole thing play out live!

Houseguests: Alex Willett, Cornbread Ligon, Danielle Lickey, Jason Roy, Justin Duncan, Kryssie Ridolfi, Monte Massongill, Morgan Willett, Neeley Jackson, Scott Dennis, Shane Chapman, Shelby Stockton and Whitney Hogg

The houseguests entered the house one-by-one on Wednesday, with live feeders able to watch everything from the very first minute. The 12 new houseguests entered first, while the sole returnee entered the house last. It was revealed that Big Brother 17's Jason had won the vote over Big Brother 18's Jozea Flores.

The 13 houseguests mostly talked in a large group as they got to know each other. Alex and Morgan chose not to disclose that they were sisters, though they were clearly uncomfortable around each other, so it remains to be seen if they will reveal their secret sooner rather than later.

After the champagne was popped and everyone introduced themselves, host Julie Chen appeared on the TV screen in the living room and informed them that America would be voting on the winner this season. She also told them that the competitions would be different this season than most summer seasons.

After this, the houseguests began splitting off and forming alliances. Alex and Whitney had a discussion about being nervous with Jason in the house. They were concerned that America already loves him and would essentially give him the win over anyone considering his fanbase.

Meanwhile, Jason, Danielle and Justin formed a strong bond, staying up for hours on end overnight. They did not talk much game, but they did unofficially come up with a name for themselves: the Jamboree. Justin took a liking to Danielle, but she's clearly not that into him. Danielle and Jason seemed very chummy from the start and could be the first truly strong duo formed so far. As for other houseguests, Shane, Scott, Monte and Cornbread formed their own alliance, with Justin as their fifth.

The first HOH of the season will play out live at 4 p.m. ET today on the Big Brother: Over the Top live feeds.

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