'Pokemon GO' Update: Gym Training Comes To The Game, Trainer Battles On The Way? [VIDEO]


Pokemon GO is in the process of evolving, and Niantic is making sure that players of the highly popular augmented reality title are getting the best experience from the mobile title. With this, the developer is once more in the process of rolling out yet another update for the game.

The updates to Pokemon GO are quite welcome among players of the highly popular game. Among the most notable updates to the game is gym training, which now allows players to battle at least six Pokemon in friendly gyms.

With the new gym training feature in place, leveling up Pokemon would be far easier than before. Not only that, the fun factor of the game, especially with regards to battling in gyms, has been significantly increased.

Apart from this, a catch bonus system has also been implemented by Niantic, which gives players bonus XP from catching similar Pokemon types in a row. While this particular update has received polarizing reactions from players so far, Niantic asserted that it is a system that would come in handy when rare Pokemon are being hunted.

With the updates being implemented in the game, avid Pokemon GO fans are speculating that these little patches that Niantic has been releasing in recent weeks are in preparation of a massive, game-changing update that would be rolled out within the next few months. Considering that codes for Pokemon trading have already been mined, this is quite possible.

The new update has already revamped the gym battle system, expanding it so that numerous Pokemon could be used in friendly gyms. The update also has a balancing feature that enables the high-CP Pokemon to be temporarily normalized in order to even out the playing field.

All these updates seem to be pointing to one very notable Pokemon feature - trainer vs trainer battles.

Trainer battles have long been missed in Pokemon GO, and Niantic itself has given clues over the last few months that the feature would eventually make its way to the game. With this in mind, there is a pretty good chance that PvP battles in Pokemon GO would be a possibility soon. 

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