'Pokemon GO' News: Ditto Allegedly Captured In Africa, Breeding To Be Introduced Soon? [VIDEO]


Pokemon GO is quickly gaining after months into its release. With the game expanding to the African region lately, rumors of the rare Pokemon Ditto being found in Africa have been emerging on the internet as of late. Is the full lineup of Generation 1 Pokemon about to be released into the wild soon?

Ditto is quite unique among the Pokemon that have not been released yet since the elusive creature is not really a legendary monster. While Articuno, Zapdos, Moltres, Mew and Mewtwo are all mythical beasts, Ditto is just a regular Pokemon. However, the monster ranks as high as the legendary birds in rarity.

With the release of Pokemon GO in the African region, however, numerous players of the augmented reality game began speculating that Ditto might actually be a region-exclusive Pokemon, just like Tauros is an exclusive monster to the United States. Screenshots of alleged Ditto captures even circulated on the internet, and though these were proven fake, Ditto's rumored presence in the region means a lot for the game.

Niantic has been slowly but steadily rolling out updates for the highly-popular augmented reality title. Doing so, the developer has slowly made Pokemon GO more and more like the classic Pokemon Game Boy titles that every fan knows and loves. Thus, with Ditto seemingly about to be released into the wild, one aspect of the game has emerged among avid Pokemon GO players - Pokemon Breeding.

Ditto is one of the most useful Pokemon in the classic Game Boy titles because of the creature's breeding capabilities. In the game, Ditto can breed with numerous Pokemon types, making the creature invaluable for Pokemon trainers. If Niantic is indeed preparing to roll out a Breeding feature in Pokemon GO, releasing Ditto into the wild would be a strategic first step. 

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